Create your own virtual exhibition.

The first platform for exhibiting art online. Build your fair or exhibition in a few simple clicks and invite your collectors without limits of capacity, time or space.

Your exhibition wherever and whenever you want, without limits

The entire process has been specially tailored for professionals.
You can configure it yourself, the HD image quality is perfect. In addition, you can link each work to your website, social networks or multimedia content for further information.
Your collectors can browse the site wherever they are with any device (computer, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, Oculus...).

Our pluses,
your pluses.

  • Self-configuration
  • Increased number of visitors
  • Exhibition quality
  • Multi-screen and multi-curator management
  • Direct visibility

Build your own map:

The exhibition designer prepares a 2D plan independently.

Upload artworks

The museum's curatorial team arranges the chosen works and configures the related links independently.

Get the museum view

The visitor visits the exhibition and actively participates in the journey, alone or in company.