EGOCIRCUS by Marco Circhirillo


EgoCircus is an immersive portrait of the photographer Marco Circhirillo, a 360-degree photograph made of a plurality of shots of the artist himself, who identifies as a magician, wader, clown inside a circus tent.
The work can be viewed and accessed in its entirety and complexity thanks to the Lieu.City platform, the first VR social network for online art events, allows you to visit exhibition environments in virtual reality, without the need for apps or complex technologies.

Through his photographic language, alternating analogue and digital techniques, Marco Circhirillo narrates the multiplicity and fragmentation of the ‘Self’, in a process of division and duplication of identity.

Among the emerging photographers who have most distinguished themselves in recent times, during the Art Rights Prize 2020 (already on view on Marco Circhirillo has been selected by the MTArt Agency, the leading talent agency for visual artists around the world, which will support him on his international journey.

Since 2013, Circhirillo has created a series of multiple photographic portraits which, heightening the concept of the self-portrait, ultimately create real gatherings of the same person within the same place (SuperEgo, 2016), referring to the multiple identities underlying the nature of every human being.

Now on display at Milanese gallery Fabbrica Eos, the video performance From Dusk till Dawn, curated by Chiara Canali, a video-performance by Marco Circhirillo, which exhibits a sort of ‘circular action’ of the author, once again, focused on the exploration of the continuity of his own identity, which doubles, multiplies and replicates endlessly.