Organiser description

Marco (born 1975) is a skater, teacher and 3D designer. President of the Indastria Cultural Association, every year organizes Subsidenze, the street art festival in Ravenna that recruits the most famous street artists at national and international level, with whom he has created more than thirty-five murals. Since 2017 he has curated the exhibition Danteplus, an annual exhibition on the contemporary reworking of the face of Dante Alighieri. He is a member of the national team of street art experts at Inward, an observatory that carries out research and development in the field of urban creativity. In 2018 and 2019 he was the artistic director of the street art festival Murali di Forlì. Marco is the owner of Bonobolabo, a point of reference in Italy for fans and artists of urban art, a brand born in 2013 that has the point of view of a magazine, changes as a gallery and sells objects as a store. He works with artists from the world of illustration, comics and urban art. He collaborates with the contemporary art gallery Magazzeno Art Gallery in Ravenna, where the store is located.

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