Mario Taddei

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A graduate in industrial design, Mario Taddei taught at the Politecnico di Milano. He has devoted much of his work to the study or development of interactive multimedia products for the dissemination of science in the character of edutainment. Has been studying and researching Leonardo da Vinci has become one of the leading international experts. He has signed some world-wide discoveries and researches concerning Leonardo’s machines. He created Leonardo3 in 2004 and made dozens of exhibitions and events about Leonardo around the world. He has published numerous books on Leonardo’s machines, drawing manuals, digital art and NFT. His research and works are also visible in the Loenardo3 Museum in Piazza Scala in Milan. He is a digital artist and designer of cultural events. Currently Professor at the Leonardo da Vinci art academy in Milan. He teaches design, virtual scenography and multimedia marketing. & or google: Mario Taddei

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