Museo Nazionale della Montagna

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The National Mountain Museum "Duca degli Abruzzi" is located in Turin, on the Monte dei Cappuccini: an extraordinary panoramic position overlooking Turin and the Alps. Born in 1874 at the behest of the first members of the Italian Alpine Club, its mission is to develop and promote mountain cultures through the custody, study, interpretation and enhancement of its exceptional collections, and through the opening to interdisciplinary and international collaborations. The collection of the Museum consists of over 450,000 assets, divided into Photographic Archive, Historical Film Library and Video Library, Iconographic Collections, Mountaineering Archive. In 2018, the institution decided to align its mission to meet the global challenges of our time. Through the dialogue between art and science and through interdisciplinary collaborations in Italy and abroad investigates the concepts of sustainability, responsibility and change, dialogue with the urban and extra-urban fabric to support participatory processes of environmental and socio-cultural regeneration. .

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